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4 Jan

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Samurai Noodle, Capitol Hill

20 Dec

I found yet another inexpensive lunch place on the Hill. On the way home from walking Henrietta (my dog) today, I picked up lunch for Mary and I at Samurai Noodle. I’m not very familiar with ramen restaurants, so I wasn’t sure what to order, but the carryout special sounded like a good intro to ramen. One Tonkotsu (pork broth with ramen) and one Shouyu (chicken broth with ramen). Not knowing what to expect, we dumped the noodles into the broth and dug in.

Both were delicious in their own way. The pork broth was creamier and rich, while the chicken brother was lighter but very flavorful. They both had scallions, mushrooms and chunks of pork and chicken. Perfect (and very filling) lunch for a cold Seattle day. Usually I default to Pho, but now I’m going to have big decisions to make next time I need my soup fix. We will definitely go back for dine-in and try some of the more creative menu items with the advice of an experienced ramen eater.

Follow Samurai Noodle on Twitter. 4 out of 5 stars!


The Independent Pizzeria, Madison Park

20 Dec

We rarely make it to Madison Park – even though it isn’t far from Capitol Hill, for some reason we rarely think about heading that direction. Possibly in our mind, it’s a “family-oriented” neighborhood…more toy stores and maternity clothing stores than bars and restaurants. However, we now have a new reason to go out in Madison Park.

A group of us made the trek to go see the Christmas Boats last weekend. In my many years in Seattle, I have never participated in the 60-year tradition. It was definitely a treat. The park filled up quickly as the lighted boats paraded in. We sang along to several Christmas carols and snapped several pictures of the beautiful scene on the lake. Filled with holiday spirit, we headed to The Independent Pizzeria for dinner. To be honest I had never heard of it. We walked in to a very tiny tiny room and simple kitchen with a large wood stove. While there were only a total of about five tables, we were lucky to immediately get seated on the end of a large picnic style table. I understand there is usually a long wait.

Everything on the menu looked delicious. It was hard to settle, but we decided on The Farmer (tomato, grana, fiore di latte, soft egg, smoked prosciutto di Friuli) and State Fair (tomato, mozzarella, pecorino, Fra’mani Italian sausage, green pepper). We ordered the mixed salad as a starter. Everything was reasonably priced, including the beer and wine, and we  picked out a delish Syrah to go with our pizza.

The large salad was plenty for the three of us; the herb vinaigrette dressing is light and has great flavor. Then for the pizzas. We ate the State Fair first. Not one complaint. Loved the sausage. But…The Farmer was even better. Delicious prosciutto and the soft egg was perfection. We were all pleasantly surprised about our new-found pizza place in Madison Park.

While there were a LOT of kids (which we aren’t used to here in Capitol Hill), the atmosphere was simple and fun. Service was friendly and even though they were quite busy, I had no complaints about the wait for food. Would have loved to stay for another drink as more of our friends arrived, but unfortunately, the table we were at was needed for a reservation coming in. (Good to note that reservations are accepted!)

I consider myself a pizza snob…and this is definitely at the top of my pizza list in Seattle. We will definitely be back. Very soon. 5 out of 5 stars!


Oddfellows, Capitol Hill

18 Dec


I remember when Oddfellows opened in 2008 there was a huge snow storm in Seattle. I was working at home since going to work wasn’t an option, and I remember looking out the window and seeing a middle-age guy cross-country skiing down the street. A few hours later I was cursing at the helicopters flying overhead and couldn’t stop wondering if there was a murderer on the loose. Well there wasn’t a murder, but a bus full of students almost went over the railing onto I-5. Around noon that day I met up with Hilary and Pepper for a liquid lunch. We made our way to the Wildrose and decided it was time to hit Oddfellows. Since we live in Capitol Hill, it is almost impossible to get up the hill when there is snow on the ground. Oddfellows (along with many other restaurants in Seattle!) actually ran out of food and alcohol during their first week.

Linda Derschang, who is also responsible for Linda’s Tavern, Kings Hardware and Smith’s, is well known in Seattle for her restaurants and bars so we knew this was going to regular spot for us – and it has.

I couldn’t even tell you what my favorite meal is but I will try. The spinach & arugula lasagna is amazing, and so is the pan-seared salmon with chicory, avocado, tomato & cucumber. AND so is the classic mac & cheese – I usually have this with a side of Brussels sprouts. To be honest anything from the menu is going to be excellent.

The drinks are pretty topnotch as well. My new favorite is the Loud Speaker with gin, cognac and lemon. Under any other circumstance I would not have gin but I had a sip of John’s and had to get a glass for myself.

If you are looking for a chill place that has amazing food, drinks and is very open to children, Oddfellows is your spot.

Oddfellows gets five out of five stars!

You may find Oddfellows on Facebook and Twitter


Cure, Capitol Hill – Busch Beer is NOT a Lager

18 Dec

After going ‘ice’ skating at the Capitol Hill Ice Rink we were in need of a drink and since Cure was sponsoring the event we decided that should be our next stop. With our wristbands in tow we asked for our beer and whiskey shot. The night should have ended there but we stayed and enjoyed the company of friends. Cure opened in May of this year and from the Yelp reviews people do like it. Perhaps if I didn’t stop by for a beer and a shot of whiskey my review would be better. Or perhaps if the bartender didn’t refer to Busch beer as a lager my review would be better. The service was slow and even though five girls were sitting at the bar we were ignored most of our visit. I’m not sure if I will stop by again to try the cured meats and cheese but if I do, I will write about it.

Cure gets two and half out of five stars.

A quick review of ‘ice’ skating, don’t do it.

– Mary

Montana (Rachel’s Ginger Beer), Capitol Hill

12 Dec

Mary and I have been HUGE fans of Rachel’s Ginger Beer ever since we discovered it at the Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market. It’s amazing on its own, but even better in a Moscow Mule. We’ve served these at parties at our house several times, dranks several on our balcony throughout the summer (note – the copper cup is a must for consuming Moscow Mules!) and they were a huge hit with my family on our summer vacation in my home state, Montana.

I couldn’t have been more excited when I heard Rachel was opening her own bar. Called Montana. In Capitol Hill. Just blocks from our apartment. While picking up my ginger beer supply at the market a couple weeks ago, Rachel mentioned that they were having an opening party on December 11th. As soon as I got home, it was on the calendar.

Last night we headed down to check it out. It was everything I had hoped it to be. Montana felt like a cozy cabin in Montana, filled with signs and memorabilia from all over Montana…even a saddle that I’m sure I’ll be trying out next time as my bar stool. We noticed as we sat down at our newly painted booth, there was a note that said “PLEASE carve on the booths and graffiti the bathroom.” I can see this turning into a great dive bar…and I have a feeling I will be a regular!

The service was amazing. The bartenders were friendly and Rachel made her rounds to say hi to everyone throughout the night. The music was great – a mix of various types, not too loud to drown out conversation, but just right to keep up the lively mood. Most importantly, the Moscow Mules were all that we expected. You can’t beat a Moscow Mule made with RGB. Seriously. I’m sure she will soon be incorporating her infused ginger beers into cocktail concoctions as well…and the cranberry ginger beer is out of this world!

I see this bar becoming a Cap Hill favorite. Five out of five stars!

Visit Rachel’s Ginger Beer and Montana on Facebook and follow on Twitter @rgbsoda.


Geraldine’s Counter, Columbia City

10 Dec

I have been a customer of Table 219 (formally el Greco) for about eight years. After hearing that Gary, the former owner Table 219, had opened another restaurant in Columbia City I knew that I had to make the trip. I’m only sorry that it took me a few years to make the trip. Geraldine’s Counter is a lively place filled with music and locals. I had heard that the menu was very similar to Table 219 so I was very excited to try my favorite.

Kate had been to Geraldine’s a couple times already and was insistent on getting the coffee cake to start our brunch. She remembered it being her favorite part of the meal. However, when we received the coffee cake it was a bit dry and difficult to get a fork through the top layer. It was not at all what Kate had remembered; while the flavor was good (strawberry banana was the flavor of the day), it definitely didn’t measure up and most was left on the plate.

Kate ordered the Sweet White Corn, Havarti and Herb Scramble and I ordered the Avocado & Pepperjack Omelet. The pepperjack omelet has always been my favorite at Table 219 so I was hoping for the same flavor and style. Unfortunately, it’s wasn’t the same. The flavor was a bit off and the cheese wasn’t fully melted in the middle. Maybe Chef from Table 219, “Cheffery” Wilson, can make a trip down to Columbia City to make sure Geraldine’s Counter is living up to our (or my) expectations.

However, Kate fully enjoyed her scramble and hashbrowns. The English muffin with raspberry freezer jam made a perfect sweet to end the meal.

We are giving Geraldine’s Counter 3 stars out of 5. I will give Geraldine’s Counter another try for sure. The service was great – and I can’t live without my Avocado & Pepperjack Omelet.

Check out Geraldine’s on Facebook here.